The Right Amount of Social

At HyveWorks we talk about adding ‘the right amount of social’ to your organization.  This idea speaks to our belief that social collaboration tools should address current workflow and process.  They should be simple, easy to use and strategically integrated to meet your needs.

Many Enterprises are struggling to understand what aspects of Enterprise 2.0 are relevant to them.  How do they apply social collaboration in a way that enhances the Enterprise?  They are worried about losing control, introducing time-wasting technology and adding another layer of expensive technology that is difficult to adopt, use and maintain. Read more

7 Tips for Getting Started with HyveWorks

The best approach to on-boarding an Enterprise 2.0 collaboration solution is to define a clear objective or a specific team and set up a pilot study.  Just turning the technology on is rarely enough.  Enterprise 2.0 is a behavior and culture change; people need guidance and clarity to start. From there, it will spread as people find value in collaboration.  The biggest mistake companies make is turning it on without a game plan in place.

Here are some basic guidelines for success:

Step 1.  Start Small

Focus your pilot effort to achieve success and create evangelists.  Changing behavior is not simple. Where are your communication or collaboration pain points?  Addressing a specific issue or solving a specific problem will help focus usage and adoption.

Step 2.  Identify a clear objective, opportunity and/or pilot team.

  • Are you looking to increase communication and collaboration with a specific team or for a specific project?
  • Are you looking to increase networking and knowledge sharing on a broader level; across work groups?
  • Are you looking to better harness and focus collective intelligence?
  • Are you looking to engage employees more fully in a specific problem, process or goal?

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HyveWorks Showcases at SxSWi

TECH Cocktail Johnny Cash Blackout Sunday

techcocktailHyveWorks presented their Enterprise 2.0 solution at the Johnny Cash Blackout Sunday cocktail party and demo showcase held at SxSWInteractive in Austin.

In keeping with the spirit of the event, HyveWorks ‘Got Busy’ with a video mix and sneak peak of the new HyveWorks UI launching March 29th.


HyveWorks Chosen as Finalist for the Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator at South By Southwest

HyveWorks has been chosen to present their social business solution at the 2010 Accelerator at SxSW Interactive in Austin, Texas this spring.  Presentations will take place March 15th and 16thin front of a live audience and panel of expert judges.  HyveWorks is one of eight finalists in the Social Media for Business category.  See more on the Accelerator here:

Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator at SxSW

Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator at SxSW

HyveWorks brings the power of Collaboration 2.0 to the workplace.  Twitter-style micro-blogging brings everyone into one conversation; while the ability to form both public and private groups allows for more focused work and collaboration. File Sharing, Link Capture, Q&A and an Idea Management tool help people efficiently exchange information and knowledge; share resources; problem solve and innovate.  Finally, a dashboard that loads into Microsoft Outlook integrates HyveWorks easily into current workflow.

HyveWorks is a suite of integrated, social media-based, collaboration tools specifically designed to help large or dispersed businesses better communicate, work together, problem solve and innovate.  The concept of HyveWorks is based on the behaviors and benefits of the social web. In the same way that LinkedIn; Wikipedia; and online communities or forums can help you find the people and information you need in your personal life, HyveWorks does this within a business.  Like these other tools, HyveWorks is an open, peer-to-peer ‘platform.’  This contrasts sharply with current business tools, like email or even IM, which are closed ‘channels’ aimed at specific senders and receivers.  With HyveWorks, conversations, ideas and information is shared broadly and available for all to benefit from; rather than being left in individual heads or on individual desktops.
The more openly people can communicate with each other, the less information and expertise is silo-d, lost or stuck.  When information flows openly in a shared environment, people can exchange input more efficiently, cross-pollinate more easily and find the resources they need more quickly. This leads to a more efficient and agile workplace where collective knowledge is captured,created and leveraged.

HyveWorks Enterprise Edition is a fully secure alternative to hosted Enterprise 2.0 applications.

October 2009

The HyveWorks Enterprise edition is an on-premise version of the easy to use HyveWorks Enterprise 2.0 collaboration and innovation tool-kit. Unlike hosted applications, the Enterprise Edition gives you full control over security, audit, archive and uses SQL Server or Oracle databases.

HyveWorks Enterprise Edition integrates directly with your Active Directory infrastructure and authenticates and authorizes against the AD Domain for user management.

All data stored as part of the HyveWorks application is stored in your databases, with connections to either SQL Server or Oracle databases.

Organizations have concerns about social computing in the workplace – risk, compliance and protection. These are very valid concerns, but they’ve been dealt with before…

The best security is your security.

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