If only your company knew what your company knows.

To be competitive in today’s world, organizations need to maximize their most valuable resource: the collective intelligence of their people.

HyveWorks adds social collaboration to the Enterprise, helping large or dispersed businesses better communicate, work-together, problem solve and innovate.

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Simple. Integrated. Secure.


HyveWorks offers plug-and-play modules packaged into solutions that are optimized for specific Enterprise workloads, such as distributed development, procurement, sales, marketing, innovation, corporate communications, etc. The ‘right amount of social’ where you need it.


Solutions integrate into current workflow tools and processes. Use it online, through Outlook, SharePoint, CRM, or take it with you on your mobile. Enterprises do not want to add another stand alone platform for social.


HyveWorks offers an installed Enterprise Edition that integrates fully with Active Directory. For Enterprises, the best security is their security.

7 Tips for Getting Started with HyveWorks

The best approach to on-boarding an Enterprise 2.0 collaboration solution is to define a clear objective or a specific team and set up a pilot study. Just turning the technology on is rarely enough. Enterprise 2.0 is a behavior and culture change; people need guidance and clarity to start.From there, it will spread as people find value in collaboration. The biggest mistake companies make is turning it on without a game plan in place. more...